TOP 10 Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaners – [2019 UPDATED]


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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Do you hate the way your bagged vacuum cleaner works? Does it fail to pick up those small particles of dirt that drive you crazy? Does the bag come off and fog your entire living room with foul-smelling debris? You know the score. It’s time to pick up a new vacuum, but finding the best bagged vacuum cleaner for your home is tricky.

You’ve heard the advice a million times: try before you buy. Well, in the digital age you can turn to reviews online. It’s time for you to get some answers before you head out to make a vacuum cleaner purchase, and we’ve got the information you need. Here are some bagged vacuum cleaner reviews that will help you make an informed decision.





Anniversary WindTunnel

Takes the effort out of cleaning your home. It propels itself in both forward and reverse so you don’t tire out before the job is done.

• Self-propelled operation

• Includes hand tool for precise jobs

• HEPA media bag

• Heavy despite self-propelled feature

• Loud operation


Oreck Commercial

• Motor in the cleaner head for more suction at the brush roll 
• Less expensive than most commercial vacuums

• No detachable hose for above floor cleaning  
• Noisy compared to most upright vacuums

Hoover  T-Series WindTunnel

• Activated carbon HEPA filter
• Just one touch empties the bag
• Patented technology to remove pet odors

• Noise may cause pets stress
• Pricier than similar models


Bissel Zing

• Weighs just 12.5 pounds
• Handle for easy carrying
• Full bag indicator
• Works on both floors and carpets

• Limited power
• Hose is relatively short

Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum

The Oreck U2000R1 was rolled out as part of Oreck’s commercial line. It’s features and usability have made it popular even among residential homes. Weighing in at only nine pounds, makes it a favorite for users who can’t lift a heavy vacuum or have several story buildings to clean.

Its lightweight factor comes paired with the Helping Hand “Ease-of-Use” commendation from the Arthritis Foundation for the vacuum handle’s easy grip and turning mechanisms. These make it much easier on the wrist.


  • 12-inch cleaning path 
  • Cogged belt with ribbed indents to prevent slipping against the motor
  • Anti-clog mechanism employed by the circuit breaker to prevent jams
  • Automatic adjustment between carpets and hard floors without a manual switch
  • Brushes which spin at 6,500 RPM, taking in debris from a wide radius of the cleaner head
  • SaaniSeal bags from Oreck that fill from the top up, and they are designed to filter 99% of dust, allergens, and germs 
  • 40-foot power cord 


  • Motor in the cleaner head for more suction at the brush roll 
  • Less expensive than most commercial vacuums
  • Lightweight


  • No detachable hose for above floor cleaning 
  • Noisy compared to most upright vacuums 

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum

How does a compact and lightweight bagged canister vacuum sound to you? We’re guessing it sounds pretty good. One of the traditional problems with bagged vacuum cleaners is that they can be bulky and heavy. Pushing one around for a few minutes will make you feel like you’ve been pumping some serious iron in the gym. Enter the Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum. This light but powerful unit is a pleasure to use.

The Bissell Zing only weighs 12.5 pounds. That’s about the same weight as your favorite bowling ball. It has a handle that permits you to carry it around the house. The hose is short, it has a telescoping wand, and you can hit a switch to perform cleaning on different surfaces. What makes this vacuum so special? You don’t have to stop what you’re doing to make adjustments when you switch from cleaning carpets to cleaning drapes.

Even though the unit is small it packs a pretty good punch. It handles both bare floors and carpets with ease. The vacuum has variable suction control which really comes in handy when you are tackling delicate cleaning projects. There is also a full bag indicator that will alert you when it’s time to empty the bag. Did we mention that doing this is clean and easy? It takes just a few minutes to remove, empty, or change the bag.

The negative here is that the Bissell Zing just doesn’t have enough power for hard jobs. You should consider how much traffic your home has and how much dust accumulates between cleanings before you settle on this canister.


  • Powerful suction gets the dirt high and low great for bare floors, rugs and above floor cleaning
  • Compact and lightweight for cleaning on the go
  • Multi-surface cleaning: easily go from cleaning carpets to hard floors with the flip of a switch
  • Includes: Telescoping Wand, Automatic Cord Rewind, Variable Suction Control, Full Bag Indicator
  • Please note: When using this unit on carpets make sure the carpet brush engaged on the floor nozzle
  • Hose Length – 5 inches


  • Weighs just 12.5 pounds
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Full bag indicator
  • Works on both floors and carpets


  • Limited power
  • Hose is relatively short

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Tempo WidePath

Now we’re talking. How many times have you heard someone refer to any vacuum cleaner as a “Hoover” cleaner? Here’s why they do that. Hoover has been one of the most respected names in the industry for, oh, about a thousand years. Okay, not that long but you get the point. The Hoover Tempo is one of the best examples of why the company has remained at the top of the industry for so long.

We’re talking about 15″ cleaner width. You’re going to be completing those tedious vacuuming chores a lot faster with this unit. And when it comes to cleaning, Hoover means business. The bags for this upright are made with Allergen Media filters. Why does this matter? Here’s why. A good vacuum not only cleans the things you can see but traps the things you can’t see. These bag filters grab about 99% of the dust and pollens in your home.

This vacuum sure is quiet given all the power that it boasts. It also comes with multiple tools like a crevice wand, upholstery tool, and dusting brush. All of the attachments sit right on board so you have easy access. The 25-foot cord on this one will be appreciated by those with a lot of space to cover.

If we had to point out a flaw in this vacuum cleaner, we’d mention that it struggles sometimes with pet hairs and dander. But, it isn’t designed for those jobs so we really can’t knock it too much.


  • Widepath Cleaning – 15″ cleaner width
  • Great Filtration
  • Bag made with Allergen Media – Media filters and traps 99% of dust and pollens down to 5 microns
  • 25 Foot Power Cord – plenty of cord to vacuum larger rooms
  • Includes 2 extension wands, Crevice tool, Upholstery tool and Dusting brush
  • Rinsable Filter – Rinse and reuse for long-lasting convenience

Hoover Tempo WidePath User Manual

Before the first use of this product, please read this USER MANUAL very carefully. This user manual has been designed to instruct you as to the proper manner in which to assemble, maintain, store, and most importantly, how to operate the cleaner in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Weighs just 12.5 pounds
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Full bag indicator
  • Works on both floors and carpets


  • Limited power
  • Hose is relatively short

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum

Yes, Hoover makes this list of bagged vacuum cleaners multiple times. Yes, Hoover is just that good. Those who have serious jobs to handle can depend on the Hoover CH30000 PortaPower to tackle the toughest environments. This is the bagged vacuum you need if you have an office to maintain or an area to clean that gets a lot of traffic.

Let’s start with the power cord. It’s 33′ long. That gives you the ability to clean a lot of space without needing to find a new wall outlet. The hose also stretches to give you some extended reach. These are useful considerations when you want to turn a big job into something that can be done quickly.

Do you hate buying replacement bags for your vacuum? Of course you do. Well, this one has a reusable cloth bag. You can also stick with standard paper bags if that is your thing, but the cloth bag is very convenient. All you need to do is empty it and give it a run through the washing machine. A bag like this really cuts down on odor issues.

Wait until you get a load of this. You might be thinking that a powerful vacuum like this one would weigh twenty pounds. You’d be wrong. This beauty weighs just 8.3 pounds. Are you kidding me? The lunch cooler you takes to work weighs almost that much. It also has a built in blower. We’re not saying it will blow leaves off your driveway, but it will blow leaves off your driveway. Just saying.

Like all canister vacuum cleaners, this one can struggle a little against dirt that has worked its way deep down into the carpet fibers. If you track in a lot of dirt you might want to choose an upright instead.


  • Includes a reusable commercial cloth bag with paper option
  • Built-in blower allows you more versatility with cleaning and maintaining your home
  • Compact form allows you to clean tight spaces and detail small areas like the inside of a vehicle
  • Long 33′ SJT cable length for large area vacuuming
  • Hose stretches for extended reach


  • Designed for commercial applications
  • Weighs less than 10 pounds
  • 33′ long cord
  • Reusable cloth bag
  • Hose stretches to expand reach


  • Issues with removing deep down dirt
  • Blower function is powerful but offers limited use

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Upright

Pets are great. There’s no doubt that you care deeply about yours. The thing is, having a pet presents some unique challenges. A big one is getting rid of pet odors. The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Upright vacuum uses proprietary Hoover technology to eliminate pet odors.

How does it accomplish purifying the living space you share with your pet? For starters, it uses an Activated Carbon HEPA Media Bag filter system. These superior filters trap about 99% of the dust and pollens while the carbon gets rid of odors. This vacuum is P.A.W.S pet approved and gets the job done right.

With the push of one button you can change the cleaning setting from carpet to hard floors. This powerful machine gets the pet hairs and other residue you can’t see with the naked eye. With a single touch you can empty the bag into the garbage without ever having to touch it. How cool is that?

The unit weighs just 15 pounds, and it has a headlight that will help you see in those poorly lit areas where pets like to hide out. It has a full set of onboard tools, one of which is a pet upholstery brush. The brush gets that pet hair off your furniture with ease. You don’t have to sacrifice a clean home when you have a pet.

Unfortunately, this unit is a bit on the loud side. That’s bad because it will likely stress out the pets it is designed to clean up after.


  • P.A.W.S Pet Approved Windtunnel system with Windtunnel Technology
  • Activated Carbon HEPA Media Bag filters 
  • One Touch bag door release gives you fast and easy access to the bag
  • Clean-Drop Bag system is a simple one touch that releases the full bag directly into the trash
  • On/Off Brushroll – push button to easily transition from carpet to hard floors

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Vacuum User Manual  

Before the first use of this product, please read this USER MANUAL very carefully. This user manual has been designed to instruct you as to the proper manner in which to assemble, maintain, store, and most importantly, how to operate the cleaner in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Activated carbon HEPA filter
  • Just one touch empties the bag
  • Patented technology to remove pet odors


  • Noise may cause pets stress
  • Pricier than similar models

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Anniversary WindTunnel Self Propelled

best bagged vacuum

Pushing a vacuum cleaner around can be hard work, especially if you have a large area to clean. The Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel Self Propelled Upright Vacuum takes the effort out of cleaning your home. It propels itself in both forward and reverse so you don’t tire out before the job is done.

A hallmark of WindTunnel models is their patented lift and clean technology. This unit gets the dirt that is trapped beneath your carpet. All that dirt you can’t see creates odor, so you’ll notice a pleasant freshness when you use this upright on your carpets.

Have you ever wondered if you’re getting all the dirt off your carpets and floors? You don’t have to guess with this vacuum. It has an Embedded DirtFinder. When the sensor light on the DirtFinder turns green, all of the dirt has been removed from your carpet. The DirtFinder works on all three height settings, so you can monitor dirt removal on a variety of surfaces.

There are multiple tools included on the vacuum. You’ll get a crevice tool, two extension wands, dusting brush, and an air-powered hand tool. This Hoover also incorporates a HEPA media bag for superior filtration. It’s a prefect choice for older folks who are still able and willing to do their own housework.

One negative to consider with this vacuum cleaner is that its loud. WindTunnel models kind of have that reputation. Just know that this one can be a little hard on the ears when you have a lot of vacuuming to do.


  • Self-Propelled – makes vacuuming effortless whether going forward or in reverse
  • WindTunnel Technology lifts and removes surface debris and deep down embedded dirt
  • Embedded DirtFinder – sensor turns green when no more dirt is being removed from your carpet or floors
  • 3 Position Carpet Height Adjustment
  • Includes 2 Extension Wands, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, Dusting Brush and Air Powered Hand Tool


  • Self-propelled operation
  • Includes hand tool for precise jobs
  • HEPA media bag


  • Heavy despite self-propelled feature
  • Very loud operation

Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet Friendly Upright Vacuum

If you’ve got a pet, you’ve got pet odors. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. All you need is a vacuum like this one that eliminates those odors. This Kenmore Elite upright vacuum has a HEPA-certified filter that does a spectacular job of trapping pollutants in the air and getting rid of unpleasant smells.

One of the big concerns pet owners have is getting rid of pet hair on their furniture. Most pet odor comes from pet hair that has been left behind on chairs and sofas. That hair can be hard to see–until your guests sit on it. This vacuum includes an attachment called the Pet Handi-Mate. It is specifically designed to remove pet dander from upholstery.

What about those hard to reach areas of the home? No problem. The unit has a telescoping wand that extends out. It gives you plenty of reach for those high areas. Say goodbye to cobwebs once and for all with this Kenmore. You can depend on the dirt sensor to activate an LED light when you have missed a spot. It will shine a light on the specific area that you need to clean.

There is one big drawback to this vacuum cleaner. It’s heavy. At 20 pounds, pushing it around can get a bit tiring after a while.


  • Powerful inducer motor
  • HEPA filtration
  • Telescoping wand for easy above floor and extended reach cleaning
  • 5 position height adjustment is perfect on all floors
  • Included Accessories: pet handi-mate tool, combo dust and crevice tool

Kenmore Elite 31150 User Manual

Before the first use of this product, please read this USER MANUAL very carefully. This user manual has been designed to instruct you as to the proper manner in which to assemble, maintain, store, and most importantly, how to operate the cleaner in a safe and efficient manner.


  • HEPA-certified filter
  • Pet Handi-Mate attachment for tough pet jobs
  • Dirt sensor reveals areas that need further cleaning


  • Is heavy at 20 pounds
  • Can be too bulky for precise jobs

Hoover Platinum Collection Bagged Corded Upright Vacuum with Canister Vacuum Cleaner

best bagged vacuum

Things don’t get much better than the Hoover Platinum Collection. This unit is a combination of an upright and a canister. How many times have you wished for one or the other? Wish no more, my friend. You’ve got the upright to handle the standard cleaning jobs. The canister is perfect for getting those difficult areas.

The bag of this vacuum cleaner is made with HEPA media. It reduces dust and pollen to 0.3 microns. Emptying the bag is clean and easy, too. Another great feature is that the unit doesn’t produce those irritating wind puffs that send dust back into the air of the room you just cleaned. This is because the bag is self-sealing.

There is a lot of power here packed in a very light package. The vacuum weighs about 12 pounds. You can pick it up and take it with you from room to room without getting worn out.

On the negative side, this is a pricey vacuum. You sort of expect to pay more for the Hoover name, but there are other vacuums which do what this one does for a fraction of the price. However, the five-year warranty on this Hoover does add some value to the mix.


  • Floor to Ceiling Clean – A lightweight, yet powerful portable canister is included for hard surface and above floor cleaning needs
  • WindTunnel Technology lifts and removes surface debris and deep down embedded dirt
  • HEPA Bags
  • No Dirt Puffs – Self-sealing bag prevents dirt puffs from escaping back into your clean room
  • Lightweight Design 

Hoover Platinum Collection User Manual Kenmore Elite 31150 User Manual

Before the first use of this product, please read this USER MANUAL very carefully. This user manual has been designed to instruct you as to the proper manner in which to assemble, maintain, store, and most importantly, how to operate the cleaner in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Combines an upright and a canister for more versatility
  • Uses HEPA media bag
  • No wind puffs
  • Self-sealing bag


  • More expensive than other models
  • Bag removal can sometimes be difficult

Prolux LED Upright Sealed H-Grade HEPA Allergen Pet Vacuum

Prolux has never been the least expensive vacuum on the market. To be fair, these vacuum cleaners are worth the price if you are committed to a clean home. Prolux LED Upright Sealed model is specifically designed for pet owners who are concerned about pet odors in the home.

Do you know what the problem is with removing pet odors? It’s all the pet dander and hair that you can’t see. The first step to getting rid of that invisible dirt and debris is a powerful suction like the one in this Prolux. It has a 12 amp sealed motor with 125 CFM. The sealed motor keeps dirt and debris inside the unit, and it also creates a much quieter vacuum cleaner. That’s helpful for pet owners, too. A loud vacuum cleaner can cause pets distress.

A full bag indicator light will let you know when the bag needs to be emptied out. There is also suction bypass control. This allows you to adjust the amount of suction when you need to address delicate jobs like light dusting. The unit has soft vinyl wheels that won’t damage your floors, so feel free to break out this unit on the hardwood.

The tools and extension wands on this Prolux make the vacuum look like something futuristic. No matter what job you are trying to accomplish, there is a tool for it on board.

As mentioned above, the downside here is price. Some people just might not be willing to part with the kind of money a purchase of this unit requires. Those who do, however, will be pleased with the vacuum’s performance.


  • 125 CFM powered by a 12 AMP sealed motor
  • 7-year warranty
  • Includes: crevice tool, duster brush, upholstery tool, hard floor tool, on board hose, extendable main wand and 6 bags. Also includes high-quality pet tool/mini head with a spinning brush roll.
  • Weighs 19 lbs
  • Sealed Motor By-pass Technology takes dust and debris directly to the vacuum bag and never allows it to pass through the motor
  • Full bag indicator light
  • 30-foot cord
  • LED headlights


  • Soft vinyl wheels
  • Multiple attachments
  • Full bag indicator light
  • Sealed motor contains dust
  • Quiet operation


  • Very expensive
  • Can be somewhat difficult to move around
  • Suction bypass control is hit or miss

Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Canister Vacuum

The Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Canister Vacuum will appeal to anyone that is a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning carpet. This is one of the smallest and most powerful canister vacuums on the market. It does an amazing job, and the price tag of the vacuum should tell you that.

Don’t get us wrong. There are lots of features here that justify a big price tag. An Air Clean sealed system does an excellent job of trapping dirt inside the bag. The variable speed motor is one of the quietest we’ve ever seen. It has a HEPA air clean filter, too, that works hard to reduce odors. All of that is great, but are the features worth it?

In a word, yes. One advantage to buying this Miele is that it could very well be the last vacuum you’ll ever need. When cared for properly it can last many years. The 1,200W Miele Motor is designed for the long haul. The SEB 228 Electro Plus Floorhead was especially designed to handle a wide variety of carpet styles, and there is also an added floorhead for wood floors.

The bottom line here is that you’ll be spending a lot of money for a lot of features. Maybe the thing you need to consider is how often you’ll need to replace some other vacuum cleaners in comparison to this one. We’re betting the Miele will outlast them all.


  • Air clean sealed system
  • 6 stage variable speed Miele Made Vortex silence motor
  • HEPA air clean filter
  • Seb228 Electro+
  • Sbb parquett-3 hard floor nozzle


  • Air Clean sealed system traps dirt in the bag
  • Added floorhead for wood floors
  • Quiet, variable speed motor


  • Needs more attachments
  • Bag removal can be messy at times
  • Very high price point

Different Types of Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Is choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your home causing you stress? Take a chill pill. It really isn’t that hard. The key to doing it is knowing which type of vacuum cleaner will best suit your needs. Not all bagged vacuum cleaners are created equal.

An upright bagged vacuum cleaner will give you a lot of suction and power. It’s best for getting that deep down dirt from your carpets. Upright vacuum cleaners will tend to weigh more than other models, so keep that in mind. If you get tired easily or have health issues which limit your mobility an upright might not be the best choice for you.

A canister bagged vacuum cleaner offers the ultimate in portability. These vacuums are typically lightweight and can be carried around with ease. They are also better for cleaning curtains and reaching high areas like the corners of your ceiling.

Perhaps the best choice is a combination upright and canister. One of these will give you the best of both worlds. The catch is that combo units can often cost more than a single upright or canister vacuum.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners have long been the standard for cleaning the home. They require some effort on your part unless you choose a self-propelled model like the Hoover WindTunnel. The primary advantage of owning an upright vacuum cleaner is that it gets dirt below the surface of your carpet.

Dirt that is trapped below the surface of a carpet can cause lasting damage. A powerful upright vacuum cleaner lifts and cleans. It is able to lift the unseen dirt below your carpet. That also helps with eliminating odors.

A negative to uprights is that you’ll be plugging and unplugging a lot unless you choose a vacuum that has a long power cord. To be honest, that long power cord can also be problematic when it gets in your way as your work.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

The canister vacuum cleaner has been around for many years, but it is only recently that it has gained a popularity comparable to that of an upright. Today’s canister vacuum cleaners are more powerful and can do a better job of tackling tough jobs.

One of the advantages of a canister vacuum is versatility. It gives you the tools to clean things like counters, ceilings, and hardwood floors as well as carpet. It can also be much more efficient at getting into tight spaces.

A canister is also very portable. This means that its weight is going to be a lot less than that of an upright vacuum cleaner. Of course, one of the drawbacks is that the bags for canister vacuums are not as large as those for uprights. This means that you will be changing the bag in a canister more often.

Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

We get it. Vacuum cleaners can be hard to push around. This is especially true if they have a lot of weight. One of the challenges of bagged vacuum cleaners is that the power they require has typically demanded a large motor. A large motor means more weight.

Thanks to improvements in technology, the weight of motors in vacuum cleaners has been reduced. It is very possible today to find a good bagged vacuum cleaner than weighs less than ten pounds. As a general rule, though, the lighter the weight the less power it has.

Lightweight vacuum cleaners are very well-suited to older individuals or people that may have a physical disability. There’s no reason you should have to give up staying active and doing chores around the house if that is what you want.

You will generally find that canister vacuums weigh less than upright vacuums. Many lightweight models even have a handle that allows for easy carrying of the unit from room to room.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless vacuum cleaners have their place. Is that place cleaning your entire home? Probably not. The reality is that cordless vacuum cleaners are made for small jobs. They are great for cleaning up the small mess, but poor at managing big cleaning jobs.

Obviously, cordless vacuum cleaners have no bag. They have a built-in chamber which holds dirt and debris. The problem with this is that dirt and debris from cordless vacuum cleaners can sometimes make its way back into the environment of the room. That’s not where you want it to go.

Best Bagged Vacuum For Pets

In our opinion the best vacuum cleaner for pets is the Prolux LED Upright Sealed H-Grade HEPA Allergen Pet Vacuum. We’ll tell you right up front that the unit isn’t cheap, but in this case you genuinely get what you pay for.

A critical element of pet vacuum cleaners is how they manage the dirt coming into the vacuum. The Prolux has a sealed motor. This prevents pet hair and dander from passing through the motor while vacuuming. Hair and debris that passes through the motor can be ejected back out.

Have you ever started your vacuum cleaner only to be met with a putrid smell? That smell comes when debris gets into the motor and begins to cake up. The sealed motor of the Prolux eliminates all of that. It also uses an H-grade HEPA filter which will do wonders with odor.

This vacuum cleaner is quiet, and that is a big plus. Pets and vacuum cleaners usually don’t mix very well. The noise can stress pets out. This one is much softer when running than other pet vacuums. The combination of features earns this bagged vacuum cleaner our honor for best pet vacuum.

Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

You would be hard pressed to find a better vacuum for hardwood floors than the Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum. It is very light yet has a surprising amount of power. That’s important when you are trying to clean floors.

Vacuum cleaners are typically made to pick up dirt from carpets. The texture of carpet actually works in the vacuum cleaner’s favor. On a hardwood floor the dirt has a tendency to move around more. This makes it harder to pick up. A vacuum like this one has the power and cleaning width to make sure the dirt doesn’t get away.

One of the most impressive features of this vacuum cleaner is its reusable cloth bag. Think of how much money you will save in a year because you don’t have to buy bags. You can empty this one, wash it, and put it back in. It is made of durable cloth that will last for years when properly taken care of.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners are fun, right? Really, who doesn’t like sitting down and watching their robotic vacuum cleaner do all the work? The truth is that a robotic vacuum cleaner simply can’t do the thorough job that a bagged vacuum cleaner can.

For starters, the power just isn’t there. These novelty vacuum cleaners are made to clean up a minimum amount of surface dust. They won’t even come close to catching all of the dirt and debris that makes its way beneath a carpet.

Furthermore, a bagged vacuum cleaner gives you much more containment of dust. There isn’t a lot of space in a robotic unit to hold dirt. It will fill up quickly if you have a large area to clean.

HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners

Do you suffer from allergies? If so, you know how important it is to remove all the pollens and allergens from the air. A HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is the only way to do this successfully.

Here’s how a HEPA filter works. It traps the pollens in the air and recycles clean air through the vacuum. In other words, you aren’t blowing those harmful pollutants back out into the air as you vacuum. HEPA filters are also great for pet owners because they help to eliminate odors.

There are various grades of HEPA filters available. You should make sure that the vacuum cleaner you are getting has an adequate filter for your needs. Personally, we’d opt for the highest grade we could get our hands on.

Why You Should Buy a Bagged Vacuum

So, here we are. It all comes down to this. Before we tell you our pick for bagged vacuum cleaners we want to address why you should buy one. The reason is pretty simple. After all these years, bagged vacuum cleaners still do a more impressive job of cleaning.

There is a glaring problem with vacuum cleaners that do not have a bag. They use a chamber which has to be removed and cleaned often. A bag will hold more dirt because of its size and construction.

Another reason you should buy a bagged vacuum cleaner is because you never have to come in contact with the dirt it contains if you don’t want to. Some people prefer to change bags each time they vacuum. Whatever works, right? A vacuum cleaner with a container is going to require that you come in contact with the dirt each time you empty it out. The container will also have to be washed on occasion and that is a whole new problem.

Bagged vacuums still offer the best value in terms of price. They are generally more affordable than other models. Today, these vacuums also offer advanced filtration that they did not have in days past. The technology behind these units has gotten a little bit better with each passing year.

Winner:  Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Anniversary WindTunnel Self Propelled

Are you ready? Can someone please give us a drum roll? Our pick for the best bagged vacuum cleaner is the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Anniversary WindTunnel Self Propelled. It combines value with versatility, and the brand itself merits respect.

Let’s begin by simply stating that Hoover defines vacuum cleaners. Very few vacuum companies do it as well as this legendary brand. When you purchase a Hoover you are getting more than just a vacuum. You are getting the integrity of a brand that prides itself on customer satisfaction.

best bagged vacuum

Now, let’s look at versatility. Self-Propelled – makes vacuuming effortless whether going forward or in reverse. There isn’t a job you can’t tackle when you have this machine.

Filtration is the next area where this vacuum stands tall above the others on our list. The bag itself is self-sealing. That greatly reduces the chance that any dust particles will make their way back into the atmosphere. Really, what is the point of vacuuming if dirt is escaping the vacuum cleaner. A self-sealing bag traps pollutants.

The bag of the vacuum itself is made with HEPA media. Now, here’s what you need to know about HEPA. It handles up on dust and pollen like no other filter. Pollen is that yucky green and yellow stuff that builds up on surfaces during the springtime. Now, if you have allergies you already know what pollen can do. It’s bad. Even worse is the fact that pollen can work its way into your carpets and upholstery and not be seen.

The HEPA bag on this vacuum will reduce dust and pollen in the home to about 0.3 microns. That is ridiculously low. When you have to clean the bag the process is very clean. Everything about this vacuum’s bag system is designed to attack pollen and pollutants in way that is both efficient and effective.

Let’s be honest. You are going to spend a little money on this vacuum cleaner. The best never comes with a cheap price tag. There is some good news, though. With Hoover’s industry-best warranties, you won’t have to worry about repairs for this unit either. All these things have to be considered when you evaluate the true cost of a Hoover.

Sure, you can find something that is less expensive. Will it last? Probably not as long as this unit will. We can almost guarantee that a less expensive bagged vacuum cleaner will not have the same quality. Nor will it boast the same number of features.

The team that worked on this review

Amanda Jefferson
Jack Ho
Samanta Ferris
David Croll

Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

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