Best Inversion Table Buying Guide – Top 10 in 2022

Best inversion table buying guide
Best inversion table buying guide

Need a way to unwind after a stressful day on the job? The best inversion table is an excellent way to relax and receive a massage-like experience in your home. Inversion tables are machines that enable you to hang upside down or at an “inverted” angle to provide therapy and relaxation via stretching.

This can be ideal for those who experience back pain. Inversion decomposes the spine and is considered a form of spinal traction, but this only provides short-term relief from back pain. As we age, our bodies begin to deteriorate, and finding the best inversion table for your back can lead to improved spinal health and other relaxation benefits.

To give a more comprehensive explanation of inversion therapy, the idea is that a space between your spinal discs will improve because the device relieves pressure by hanging you upside down by the ankles. When there is a lot of pressure between the spinal discs, that is when back pain is more likely to be present. Inversion therapy can also treat other spinal complications like a collapsed vertebra. It’s important to note before you continue, that inversion therapy is a short-term solution to back pain, etc.

Inversion Table Buying Guide: Features to Consider

Purchasing an inversion table can be pretty costly. You should take into account a few things like whether this is even the appropriate method for you to practice given your needs. This is why it’s so important to speak to your doctor first.

If you get the OK from your doctor, the table itself should have certain qualities to ensure your safety. A few of these include the durability of the ankle and heel locks, the comfort factor of the memory foam, and the backrest and head rest. If you’re not at ease while hanging upside down, it will be very difficult for you to relax.

Innova Fitness ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Therapy Table

Best Inversion Table Buying Guide – Top 10 in 2022 2

Gift your body the latest and most comfortable relaxation device with the new Innova Fitness ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion System. The set up includes large pads made of energy foam as well as a back bad and even a pillow to place your head on for maximum comfort. The latter is even removable! The purposes of the lumbar pad are enable the heat functions to work properly. Essentially, the pad is able to adjust itself to the heat therapy provided by the device. This isolated heat massage therapy is good for you and is sure to help you chill out for a bit.

One excellent feature is the ability to customize your massage to be the way you need it. With multiple massage mode settings, you are guaranteed to find just the right level to make your massage as relaxing as possible. There are both auto and manual options to select from. While most massaging devices tend to focus simply on the vibration produced by the machine, the Innova Fitness ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion System also has heat-controlled settings, making it the most advanced device of its kind.


  • Isolated heat massages available in combination with vibration inversion.
  • Lumbar pad is included.
  • Several options available for massages including auto and manual ones.
  • Comfortable energy foam for back as well as padded detachable head pillow.
  • 4-position adjustable safety pin to leverage.
  • Structured so that it can fold easily for storage.
  • New ankle and heel cups are more supportive and comfortable for the user.
  • Composed of sturdy, heavy steel tubing.
  • Dimensions:46L x 28W x 63H in.
  • Weight: 63 lbs.
  • Materials: Metal, Foam.


The inverter combines both vibration and heat-controlled settings, enhancing the user’s relaxation experience. You are in full control because of the built-in 4-position inversion pin (placed to the side of the device). This inversion pin will enable you to move around the lever and to create the experience that feels most comfortable to you. Once you come up with a degree of inversion that you really enjoy, you can go back to that same position next time you use your table.


Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table



Sturdy frame can support up to 300lbs.

Isolated heat massages and level options.

Easily foldable.


High cost for additional headrest pad.

Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

Best Inversion Table Buying Guide – Top 10 in 2022 4

The Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table has patent-pending cover which was produced and updated in August 2016. There are five inversion angles to pick a position from in addition the the headrest pad, which you can adjust easily. The structure is composed of heavy steel tubes that are able to support up to 300 lbs. Not to mention the impressive support for your back via their padded backrest. The pin can easily be positioned in the directed the individual prefers and can be reassured that the position will be safe. In addition to being safe no matter the turn of position, there is also a great comfort that comes with using this table.

If you’re concerned with the support of the ankles and heels, there are foam padded rollers to ensure that the inversion process is a seamless, comfortable one for the user. The side handlebars are also produced using foam, which is soft to the user’s touch, make the return to original position easy.


  • Headrest pad is adjustable and has large padded backrest.
  • Five position pin that’s adjustable.
  • The above comes with a protective cover (patent pending) to ensure safe inversion.
  • Isolated Heat levels for massage available in combination with vibration.
  • Adjustable massage settings available in both auto and manual options.
  • The lumbar pad is also adjustable.
  • Created with structure intended for easy foldability.
  • Dimensions 46.00 x 28.00 x 63.00 in
  • Weight: 56 oz
  • Materials: Vinyl, Foam, and Metal

Innova ITX9600 User Manual

In regards to safety, it is important to note that this device should only be used under the discretion of a licensed doctor for medical diagnoses.


Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table with Adjustable Headrest & Protective Cover



Sturdy enough to support users up to 300 lbs.

Adjustable headrest pad and padded backrest make for comfortable movement.

Comes with protective (patent pending) cover to ensure safety.

Isolated Heat levels work in combination with vibration feature.


Bed/board itself does not have much padding.

Difficult to physically move around.

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

Best Inversion Table Buying Guide – Top 10 in 2022 6

Living up to its empowering name, the IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table has been constructed with the strong, heavy steel tubes that most inversion tables on the market are made of, only they are extra-wide. The benefit of having an extra strong frame is it can support the user. The device can support the highest weight of users than any other inversion table on the market. There are even elongated safety handles! This is an excellent option for heavier users who want the benefits of inverting without the worry of putting themselves at risk for injury.


  • A structure built using an extra-wide frame made of steel tubes to support up to 350 lbs.
  • Built of comfortable memory foam backrest covered in vinyl.
  • Extended safety handles make it simple to revert to the original position.
  • Can support individuals up to 350 lbs.
  • 3 options for adjusting inversion angle.
  • Height can adjust up to 6 ft. 6 in.
  • Patented “Palm Activated” adjustable ratchet ankle lock system made for easy reach.
  • Dimensions: 49.00 x 26.00 x 65.00 in.
  • Weight: 75.0 lbs.
  • Material: Vinyl and Steel (Frame)


IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table



Easily foldable.

Supports up to 350 lbs, more than other tables on market.


Ratchet ankle/heel and foot lock does not function well.

Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

Best Inversion Table Buying Guide – Top 10 in 2022 8

The Teeter EP-970 takes the user experience to the next level with the addition of accessories and extra features that are designed for the purpose of a more comfortable, simple-to-use inversion table. With the Deluxe EZ-Reach Ankle System, users can easily reach the elongated ratcheting handle, provided to reduce any strain when securing the individual’s ankles.

Being held upside down by your ankles is not a common activity, so it’s ideal that there are extra measures taken to support the comfort level of the user. There are several options to enhance your stretches and adjust the amount of healing pressure applied, which will end in decompression. This is an excellent way for those who value comfort to ease into the world of inversion tables.


  • Contains an EZAngle Tether to allow for preset angles at 20, 40, and 60 degrees.
  • Meets all safety standards established by UL (Underwriters Laboratories).
  • Easily adjustable for any body type.
  • Very comfortable and easy to both use and fold.
  • Aerospace grade stainless steel with extralong handle.
  • Stretch Max Handles have extended grip to help first time users, as well as more advanced stretching options for users who have more experienced.
  • Multiple uses for EZStretch Traction Handles including different options for stretching and decompressing as well as assistance with oscillation and easy release button.
  • Patented autolocking hinges for security. Also has cam locks and custom pivot bearings and heattreated steel parts for durability and reliability.
  • Dimensions: 84.00 x 29.00 x 86.00 in.
  • Weight: 71 Pounds.

As a Bonus, 5 Healthy Back Routines DVD created by Dr. Shawn that teach you strategies to help you warm up your spine and strengthen or stretch your core. Also teaches you how to improve your overall posture by incorporating stretches and exercises on your Teeter device.


Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit, Blue/Titanium



Easily foldable to put away for storage

Comes with additional features like ComforTrak bed surface for smoother rotations and EZ-Stretch Traction Handles for stretching options.

Bonus DVD featuring 5 Healthy Back Exercises is great to guide first time users.


Ankles feel strained and will be in pain with the locks.

Merax Vibration Massage and Heat Comfort Inversion Table

Best Inversion Table Buying Guide – Top 10 in 2022 10

The Merax Vibration Massage and Heat Comfort Inversion Table is enabled with the most up to date vibration massage technology in addition to the traditional inversion table. Designed to ease pain and reduce stress felt in the user’s body, the controllable and comfortable movements created by the inversion table will also help improve your overall posture.

There are so many benefits to this inversion table and it’s also very strongly built. The steel frame is made of tubes that can support up to 300 pounds, reassuring the user that they will be safe while suspended on the inversion table. This inversion table is also easily adjustable thanks to the incorporation of a dual-pin system that helps the user get into position.


  • Combined with latest vibrating massage technology as well as traditional inversion table with the removable vibration heat and massager to help relieve any stress and hopefully reduce back pain of the individual inverting.
  • Adjustable very large foam rollers comfortably secures individual’s ankles.
  • Dense high-density foam makes high comfort possible for the user’s enjoyment.
  • Folds up for easily for storage and transport.
  • Dimensions: 49.60 x 29.10 x 6.90 in.


Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Table with Ultra-Thick Back Support­



Well designed

Combines the most up to date vibrating massage technology

Easily foldable, keeping storage and space in mind


Incredibly bulky, making it hard to move around and put back into original position

Exerpeutic Inversion Table with SURELOCK Safety Ankle Ratchet System and Lumbar Support

Best Inversion Table Buying Guide – Top 10 in 2022 12

Inversion made easy with the Exerpeutic 275SL Inversion Table. Built with a heavy-duty 1.6″ square steel frame and with a 300 lbs. weight capacity, the Exerpeutic 275SL Inversion Table features a 4 position adjustable control pin for easy inversion angle adjustment, and an easy to reach “Palm Activated” SURELOCK adjustable ratchet ankle locking system. In addition, the double lock ratchet tooth mechanism and solid two-piece ratchet design makes inversion more safe and secure. With the comfortable soft foam backrest and headrest, the Exerpeutic 275SL will provide you the excellent inversion comfort you will need at an affordable price


  • 300 lbs. user weight capacity. UL Certified for Safety. Heavy duty 1.6″ square steel frame construction to prevent any instability when inverting.
  • Easy reach “Palm Activated” SURELOCK adjustable ratchet ankle locking system.
  • 4 Position adjustable control pin for easy inversion angle adjustment eliminates the typical strap system.
  • Large 1.8″ thick backrest with soft foam for comfort and support when inverting. Full loop foam covered handle bars for easy return to the upright position. 2 position headrest
  • Control pin cover included for safety. 4’9″ to 6’6″ user height adjustment.
  • Dimensions: 32 x 60.5 x 60.5.
  • Weight: 81.5 pounds.

We like this model because of ergonomically molded ankle cushions which hold ankles securely and comfortably. Also, you get 1″ Soft foam backrest for comfort and support when inverting. Full loop foam covered handle bars for easy return to the upright position.


EXERPEUTIC 175SL Inversion Table with ‘SURELOCK’ Safety Ankle Ratchet System and Lumbar Support



Double lock ratchet tooth mechanism makes the table more secure and safe when inverting.

Ergonomically molded ankle cushions hold ankles securely and comfortably.

Full 180-degree vertical inversion.

Can be folded for storage.


Some assembly is required.

Bulkier thаn others.

Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine

Best Inversion Table Buying Guide – Top 10 in 2022 14

The Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine makes a good visual first impression. With a padded contoured backrest, this table offers you comfort, quality and functionality. What stands out about this product is that it comes at a cheaper price compared to similar products of the same size, especially considering the comfort that this unit offers, this is quite astonishing.

Unit features a large, contoured foam pad backrest and headrest for enhanced back support and lumbar support. Premium, padded foam roller ankle supports offer 8-position adjustability to fit any user, and extra-long, 34″ padded handrails offer additional comfort for complete, full-body relaxation during inversion.


  • 8-position adjustable ankle supports lock securely, yet are easy to release when finished with a session.
  • Extra-long 40″ handrails help to invert and return to upright position safely and easily
  • Easy-grip handrails provide safe rotation up and down.
  • Can be effortlessly modified to accommodate users from 5’1″ to 6’6″ in height.
  • Dimensions – Assembled base dimensions (footprint) are 51″ long and 28-1/4″ wide; height is approximately 59-1/2″ when upright. Backrest measures 44-1/2″ x 18-3/4″.

The use of this heavy-duty construction material provides for a rocksteady and super stable platform that isn’t going to shake, isn’t going to wobble, and is always going to be braced no matter what. But because it is tubular steel, you aren’t going to be having to worry about lugging around and extra heavy inversion table, either. The strength to weight ratio is off the charts, making this an easy to store inversion table without sacrificing any stability along the way.


Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine



Cheaper than similar products with of the same size, weight and height capacities.

Buttery smooth inversion mechanism.

Heavy duty, 1-1/4” diameter tubular steel.


Some assembly is required.

Unpopular brand.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Inversion Therapy is helpful to those who suffer from chronic lower back pain, poor circulation, sciatica or scoliosis.

Reduced back pain due to relaxation capabilities, which release tension in user’s spine. For example, in a standing position, gravity pulls the spine downward compressing the discs, vertebral bodies, nerves, and other structures. Inversion therapy changes the physical dynamics with gravity’s assistance to help relieve spinal compression.

Improved spinal health is said to be a positive outcome of inversion therapy because of how it can improve the space between your spinal discs, ultimately relieving pressure. Did you know that activities like sitting, running, or bending can actually put more pressure on these discs in your spine? The more the tension and pressure increases, the high the risk is for the individual to experience back pain, or other tough situations such as having a collapsed vertebra. There are also other complications that may result.

Increased flexibility of the spine – Any smaller movements that occur in the spine over time can actually help make the body stronger. It’s possible that you may find it a lot simpler to just bend and reach. Inversion therapy is also thought to improve posture. This might be especially helpful if you have a desk job.

Lessens the need for surgery – A 2014 study’s results indicated that the zero-gravity nature of inverting can reduce any tension or compression. Those who published the study also mentioned that inversion could even potentially prevent disabilities that regularly occur from back problems. This means that it can also reduce the need for any back or spinal surgery, which is excellent news for those who have been suffering from chronic back conditions or any pain. An additional 2012 study that was done by Disability and Rehabilitation discovered that individuals who have lumbar disease managed to reduce their need for back surgery significantly after using the method of inversion therapy.

While these findings are quite riveting, it’s still very important to acknowledge that spinal and back problems are far more complex than just a few generalized terms. While inversion therapy is a great method to temporarily alleviate pain, it cannot guarantee that back or spine surgery won’t be required in the future. Even the best inversion therapy should not be considered a reliable alternative treatment for individuals who suffer from chronic back pain. Be sure to talk about your symptoms and conditions thoroughly prior to considering trying inversion therapy as a potential treatment or as a form of exercise, which it is generally not regarded as.

After speaking to your doctor, who should have a very clear and accurate understanding of your symptoms and conditions, you may notice that your doctor may actually advise against doing any inversion exercises depending on whether you suffer from certain medical conditions. Some of those medical conditions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Certain bone and joint disorders. For example, osteoporosis, a herniated disk, any fractures, or any spinal injuries.
  • Cardiovascular disorders. A prominent example of a heart problem that could get in the way of your ability to use the inversion method as a treatment would be a condition like high blood pressure, stroke, or even heart disease. It’s especially important to note that using inversion methods and exercises can raise the blood pressure of the individual doing the inverting, which can lead to severe complications considering they already are suffering from high blood pressure.
  • General diseases or infections including but not limited to ones such as conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye), ear infections, glaucoma, or even cerebral sclerosis.

There are so many factors that can play a significant role in whether or not it’s safe for an individual to try using inversion methods as a way to cope with back pain or alleviate spinal pressure, but ultimately these risks can best be assessed by a licensed doctor who has a thorough understanding of the patient’s medical history.

Safety is the most important factor when deciding whether or not this method is the right one for you, your needs and your body’s capabilities. Inversion tables should not be viewed as a shortcut to back pain alleviation. Inversion therapy is known as the performance of brief stretches in an upside down fashion in order to decompress the spinal discs and alleviate pressure, increasing air. This is very different from being a cure-all. There’s little evidence that inversion therapy provides long-term relief. The most it can really provide are short-term benefits including temporary relief from back pain and increased flexibility of the inverter.

How An Inversion Table Works

Inverting can be done at home with either an inversion table or inversion chair. While there are two methods, let’s focus on the former. Inversion tables are created with heavy steel tubes that can support the “flipping” of an individual up to 300 pounds. There are ankle locks that help hold the individual’s weight and suspend them in the air.

By having gravity push down on your body while you’re in an upside down position, the pressure normally placed on your spine (due to your big head and neck posture) can be eased slowly. With less tension between the spinal discs, more space is made for air to enter and lower the pressure that had been formed by the discs being too close together.

If you’re a new user of an inversion table, you may want to have some assistance from a second individual who can spot and assist you while you hang from your feet. The bed of an inversion table looks like an ironing board; this is where the person’s body would lie suspended upside down.

Bizarre concept, but why not give modern technology a chance, right? Anything to get rid of excruciating back pain.

Do Inversion Tables Really Work for Back Pain?

There is no concrete evidence that inversion tables are the cure-all for back pain. That being said, many patients have reported feeling far less tension in their backs after using the inversion table. This device is best suited for someone looking for immediate relief, but it should not be depended on as a long-term treatment.

Unless you have the discipline to maintain an inversion routine multiple times a week, perhaps buying the personal equipment will be a waste of your hard-earned money. As mentioned in previous paragraphs, some studies have found inversion therapy to help reduce strain in the back and therefore, lessening the need for back surgery. At the end of the day, it comes down to how you feel.

If you’re okay with being provided a temporary fix, then inversion tables could be an excellent investment, but it will be up to you to regularly maintain your inverting routine. Again, there really is not enough concrete evidence to make a substantiated argument that these tables are truly an effective form of treatment.

Best Exercises For Beginners

When first starting off with the inversion table, one exercise that can ease you into the practice is called “Intermittent Inversion”. Start in a horizontal position (zero degrees) and slowly move to 30 (for 1 minute). Assess how you feel and whether or not you feel comfortable pushing yourself to the next level, which is 45 degrees.

The idea is to familiarize you with the motion of flipping up and down while on the table. This may be an unusual feeling at first, so slowly teaching your body to adjust to this new activity can be a great warm up. Go slow at first so you can see how different your muscles and head feel. Going too quickly could leave you dizzy. It’s better to become familiar with the table gradually overtime as opposed to trying to rush into something your body is not used to.

With more practice, you’ll notice your ability to go invert at different angles will also improve. The objective with these exercises is to relax your mind so that the tension in your muscles and eventually your spinal discs can lower.

Best Inversion Table – Conclusion

Depending on the brand you end up choosing, a quality inversion table can range anywhere from $100-450. That’s a lot of money for the ability to be flipped upside down. Recognize that buying an inversion table would be making an investment in your health and your relationship with pain. Inversion tables are of course meant to alleviate back pain and help with other back issues, but you have to be careful because of the issues it could potentially end up causing. Could it be possible that the same benefits of inversion tables could be achieved through alternative methods such as yoga and meditation?

Think about how your life would improve with inversion therapy before you spend hundreds of dollars to buy an inversion table. If a table is too expensive for you, you can always head to your local gym and search for inversion therapy equipment that the facility may already have. Given that there hasn’t been enough research done to compare the efficacy of the two methods, it’d be inaccurate to state that one is more beneficial than the other, or that standing inversions are more effective than those done while sitting.

Be sure to talk to your doctor if you are thinking about trying inversion therapy. There are benefits that come with using the device in terms of pain management, but for the long run, your doctor can help you to determine whether there are other treatments that could be more effective or even potential home remedies. Aside from yoga and meditation, there might be exercises that, if done properly, can help with relieving tension within your spine.

Winner: Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief

Ultimately, it seems that the winner here is the Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief. Given that many people are new to this concept of inverting, comfort is an absolute must. Creating a smooth transition into a new activity as physical as this requires gradual learning and an emphasis on safety. The disk brake system can provide peace of mind for someone who is just starting out, while still providing all the capabilities of a best inversion table.