How to Use a Derma Roller – Tips and Tricks

Buyer’s Guide for Using Derma Rollers

If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure you’re always on the lookout for the latest beauty trends. It is no secret that we are willing to go to great lengths to keep ourselves looking beautiful. Far too often this comes at the cost of stretching our wallets. Derma rolling, or microneedling, is one of the latest trends. It wasn’t long after derma rolling became the new hottest thing before manufacturers started selling derma rollers that we can use without spending a fortune at the salon.

Perhaps your primary concerns with derma rolling at home are whether or not it’s safe and how difficult it is to figure out. The good news is that it’s not hard to learn how to use a derma roller. The even better news is that it’s perfectly safe for you to use this beauty treatment at home! Keep reading to learn the ten simple steps that go into derma rolling.

Why Derma Rollers Work

Running hundreds of tiny needles across our skin doesn’t exactly sound like the most relaxing thing we could do. The needles are so small and thin in size that it doesn’t actually hurt us. In fact, thousands of us who use derma rollers find it to be a very pleasant experience. When you pass the derma roller across your skin or use a stamping device it creates tons of microscopic wounds. This, in turn, induces both collagen and elastin production. As if that’s not enough, there are tons of benefits you can gain from using a derma roller!

Benefits of Using a Derma Roller

Almost all of us suffer from some type of blemish, skin discoloration or other skin ailments. If you’re one of the lucky few, then this comes in the form of faint acne scars from your youth or the occasional blemish. The rest of us face other blemishes that can be emotionally or psychologically damaging. In other words, some of us suffer from marks on our skin that deliver a major hit to our self-esteem.

Do you hate how damaged your skin has become after years of laying out on the beach and visiting tanning beds? Do you see your stretch marks as an ugly reminder that you once gained and lost 100 pounds, instead of the tiger stripes that you earned? Good news! Derma rolling can help improve the appearance of these skin conditions, plus several more including:

Skin discoloration
Enlarged pores
Surgical scars on recipe
Sagging skin
Uneven skin tone or texture

Also, what is important to me, the derma-rolling process can be combined with other procedures, for example, I am using it with my foot spa procedures

How to Use a Derma Roller Step by Step

Disinfect Your Derma Roller Before Using

Since hundreds of tiny needles will be penetrating your skin it’s important to disinfect your derma roller before using. This way you will be sure to avoid being exposed to any type of infection. To disinfect you will need to soak your roller in alcohol for about ten minutes. You want to use a 70% isopropyl alcohol because it evaporates slower than 99% alcohol.

Clean Your Skin Before Microneedling

Use warm water and antibacterial soap to cleanse the area you will be using your roller on. Avoid using harsh cleansers, particularly ones containing salicylic acid.

Note: If you are using needles longer than 0.5 millimeters then you will need to disinfect your skin prior to use. Gently cleanse your face with a bit of 70% isopropyl alcohol or an astringent like witch hazel.

Apply a Numbing Cream

This is an optional step and can be skipped over if you are using a roller with shorter needles. You may benefit from using a numbing cream like Ebanel Numb 520 if you are using a derma roller with needles that are 1.0 mm or longer. Rub a lidocaine cream of your choice onto the area you will be treating 20 minutes before microneedling. Be sure to wipe off any excess cream before you begin.

Roll Vertically

Begin the process on the edge of the area you are treating. Roll upwards, from top to bottom, being sure to avoid getting too close to your eyes if you are microneedling your face. Do not roll downwards. Instead, once you’ve reached the top of the area, pick the roller up and start at the bottom again. Roll over the same area a total of six times before moving the roller over and repeating this process.

Note: If you are using longer needles you may notice some very light bleeding. If there are more than just a few small pinpricks of blood, then you should stop rolling and switch to a smaller needle. Your skin may be too sensitive to use longer needles on.

Roll Horizontally

You can start at either the top or the bottom of the area. Move the roller across your skin from left to right, then pick up and repeat six times. As with rolling vertically, you want to be sure that you do not take the roller in reverse. Once you have passed the roller over the area six times you can move to the next section to repeat the process.

Stop Use After Two Minutes

It is very easy to overdo it when derma rolling. The skin on our faces is particularly sensitive so it is important to be mindful of how much time you are spending working on each area. If it is possible, limit the time to two minutes with each use.

Note: At most, you should only use your derma roller every other day. It is important to give your skin a rest to avoid any inflammation or swelling. While it is safe to use a derma roller every other day, some people wait up to six weeks before treating the same area again.

Clean Your Face

Since you have already used soap, and possibly a disinfectant, to cleanse your face you can simply rinse it with water at this point. You want to be sure to remove any traces of blood. If you want to use a cleanser at this point be sure to avoid those containing salicylic acid. Remember you just created several tiny wounds. Your skin is going to quickly absorb any products you put on it at this point.

Finish Up With Your Favorite Moisturizer or Beauty Products

Since you have already used soap, and possibly a disinfectant, to cleanse your face you can simply rinse it with water at this point. You want to be sure to remove any traces of blood. If you want to use a cleanser at this point be sure to avoid those containing salicylic acid. Remember you just created several tiny wounds. Your skin is going to quickly absorb any products you put on it at this point.

Clean Your Derma Roller

Fill a bowl or container with warm water and dish soap. Dish soap works best for removing dead skin cells and blood particles from the crevices of the derma roller. Simply put your derma roller in the soapy mix and shake for several seconds. Rinse with clean water.

Disinfect Your Derma Roller Once More

Shake off any excess water before disinfecting your derma roller. To disinfect you just need to let your derma roller soak in a bowl of 70% isopropyl alcohol for ten minutes. Allow it to air dry before putting it away.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Avoid running the derma roller in reverse of the direction you originally started with.
  • Avoid using products containing salicylic acid before and after microneedling.
  • Do not forget to cleanse and disinfect your derma roller and skin before and after using.
  • Be sure to give your skin at least a day to recover between treatments.
  • Do not spend over two minutes treating any one area. This will overstress the skin.
  • Do not use a derma roller on cracked or open skin. Do not use a derma roller on areas of severe acne, rosacea or psoriasis.

Once we understand all of the steps that go into using a derma roller we are ready for the fun part. The time has finally arrived for you to pick the perfect derma roller for you!

Choosing the Right Derma Roller for You

When choosing a derma roller it is important that we select a roller specific to the area we will be treating. For those of us who have relatively blemish free skin a roller with 0.25 mm needles will work fine. For certain blemishes, marks and scars you will need to select a roller with a different length of needles. That’s why choosing a kit with interchangeable heads is a great idea! Here are few rollers which we used for our tests.

Micro 540 Needles Derma Roller

This aesthetically pleasing black and pink derma roller is perfect for those of us with minor skin imperfections. The .25 mm microneedles effortlessly work to correct enlarged pores, skin discoloration and blemishes. This is the perfect derma roller for those with more sensitive skin. This product even comes with a bonus storage case!

DermaLogixx 2 Pack Derma Roller

Much like the Dardugo, the DermaLogixx Derma Roller is optimal for those looking to clear up minor skin imperfections. The .25 mm microneedles are the smallest and least invasive of the varying lengths of microneedles. After using this derma roller you will soon notice how hydrated and rejuvenated your skin feels. We all love a bargain, don’t we? DermaLogixx kept this in mind when making this two for one deal. This is the perfect derma roller for those giving microneedling a try for the first time, as they offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, DermaLogixx is happy to issue a full refund.

Roller PlusDerma Collagen Stimulating Derma Kit 5-in-1

We can’t all be lucky enough to have such minor issues as blemishes and slight skin discoloration. The Roller PlusDerma Kit is ideal for anybody looking to combat issues ranging from enlarged pores to pesky stretch marks. The detachable heads in three different sizes allow you to treat a variety of skin imperfections. Are you looking to smooth out those fine wrinkles that have crept into your brow line? Try the 0.5 mm head. Are you ready to target those stretch marks that your teenage growth spurt left behind? Switch out the head for the longer 2.5 mm microneedles. It’s a plus that, in addition to being able to treat more areas, the life of your derma roller will last longer since you don’t have to continually use the same attachment with each use.

So now you know how to use a derma roller? Are you feeling like it’s about time to become part of the group who has unlocked the secret to maintaining radiant and glowing skin? You’ve learned firsthand just how simple it is to use a derma roller at home. As is the case with most beauty routines, there’s no longer a need to spend hundreds of dollars at a salon when you can safely carry out the procedure in the comfort of your own home. Go ahead and give derma rolling a try. Before you know it, all of your friends will be coming to you asking what your secret is to achieving that gorgeous glow.

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